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Advance and optimize clinical assets for patient value

With a proven team, agile operations, and a sustainable business model, Uniquity Bio is designed to succeed as a developer of high-potential medicines. We’re building a dynamic and valuable pipeline of I&I therapeutics, strategically maximizing the value creation of clinical-stage assets and partnering them as they mature.


We’re committed to the continued acquisition and parallel development of high-quality assets and offer a range of partnership structures for maximum value, including acquisitions, licensing, and joint ventures, which may include buyback rights.


High standards, nimble operations

Our highly vetted, thoughtful approach to drug development is built on decades of clinical, development, and regulatory experience and sustainably supported by Blackstone Life Sciences. We’re dedicated to the same high standards of scientific rigor and clinical quality upheld by global pharma companies, while our operational agility gives us a competitive edge. We strategically think ahead to maximize value, minimize risk, and enable rapid progression into late-stage development — all to deliver best-in-class medicines to patients and industry partners while creating value for investors.

If you share our commitment to delivering compelling science to patients, and you’re looking to maximize the potential of your clinical-stage asset — we’d love to talk.

We are open to a range of partnership structures, including asset acquisitions, licensing, and joint ventures, which may also include buyback rights.

Please contact us using the form below to pursue opportunities for strategic collaboration.

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