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About Us



Positioned for clinical innovation. Ready to deliver.

At Uniquity Bio, we’re dedicated to fulfilling the promise of scientific advances that have the potential to deliver clinical innovation across a broad array of immune-mediated diseases. Our mission is inspired by our tireless commitment to putting patients first, and guided by our vast expertise in immunology and inflammation across the drug development cycle.

Uniquity Bio is a clinical-stage drug development company that is dedicated to bringing new patient value to the treatment of immune-mediated diseases. We’re poised to fill the unmet needs of patients across a wide range of diseases, harnessing a foundation of scientific rigor and a proven track record in R&D execution – from early development through commercialization.


A Blackstone Life Sciences portfolio company, Uniquity is operationally agile and clinically adept with the ability to deliver long-term value in immune-mediated diseases.

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